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March 29, 2010
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We are united.

- - - - -

We live amongst regular civilians, in our regular attire, regular jobs, and almost regular daily life.

What united us is that single message.

That single call.

That single e-mail.

That single letter.

That single password.

That single website.

That gathering of fates.

Gathering of souls.

- - - - -

We are invisible.

- - - - -

Some of us came from the countryside,
working hard,
living a hand-to-mouth existence every day.

Some of us are a bit better off,
with enough money for some worldly entertainment and leisures,
and supporting our own families.

Some of us came here to study,
and to be a better person than before,
growing up to be a responsible adult.

Some of us wanted to run away from their own dark secrets,
terrible moments in their past lives,
and start anew.

Some of us came just to enjoy,
to live the city life to the fullest,
and to forget everything else.

Some of us even wanted to be criminals,
living our lives to play around with the law,
and get away with it scot-free most of the time.

- - - - -

We are uncountable.

- - - - -

We all have our own secrets,
our own abilities.

We all wanted to have our revenge on someone;
cold, sweet revenge.

We all wanted to change ourselves;
to evolve into something or someone else.

We all wanted to survive.

We all wanted to be alive.

- - - - -

We are colorless.

- - - - -

We are all here because of the single message, e-mail, call, or invitation.

We and our friends are in it.

And our rivals.

And our grandparents.

And our bus driver.

Our boss.

Our workers.

The one guy who loves to parkour on top of buildings.

The female hacker with the bleached hair.

The guy that designs advert billboards for a living.

The nice, jolly foreigner handing out leaflets for the sushi shop down the corner.

The strongest man in town.

The otaku duo with loads and loads of mangas in collection.

The evil-looking guy with the fur-rimmed parka.

The mysterious woman in the urban legend that everyone talked about.

- - - - -

Yes, we are everyone.

- - - - -

We are colorless.
We are uncountable.
We are invisible.
We are united.
We are one.

We are Dollars, the face of Ikebukuro;
and we are legion.....
I just got an idea and wrote this down in half an hour, so SHUT UP! Lol, jk jk. Hey, don't kill me, I'm bad at words! XP

Obvious reference is obvious XD, you know who you are!

Dollars (c) Mootkado.

DRRR (c) :iconyessssplz:

Join the Dollars : [link]

Password is 'baccano'
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We're not just Ikebukuro either anymore. We transcend anime/manga and even countries to become what and who we are. ^w^
:D I am happy and proud to have joined Dollars as response to this poem!

And I'm going to have to spread the word through my journal...
T_T Though I doubt anyone will read it.
Yes. Spread the Dollars love!
:D Of course! It's awesome that we've already got 700 members...
Yush, 714 members now! Though the first wave's ending right now....

I'll kick-start my own mission here once I've got all the right infos about the things I need, and when I reach a certain target of members in Malaysia!
Bwaha. 737 members NOW! :D And I FOUND YOU!!! XDDDDDD
It is too bad that the first wave is ending...They'll be trickling in, though, until the awesome second wave to come. :3

I'm working on my mission already. I plan on printing out a whole bunch of copies of the link/password to Dollars and then hiding them in random books all over the school library. ;) Surely, some people will be curious...hehe.
To the first 1000!

Pfft, that's for beginners. I'm planning to pay the local newspaper agent to slip a Dollars ad, printed and photocopied in English and the native language, in every newspaper they're sending, regardless of place. Just not here and not this week though, I'll do it next week, when I got the chance to go back home for a bit before the finals. But if it's too flashy, there's still the timed wallpaper change trick.

The media will surely be intrigued by this if I manage to gather enough Dollars member around the country to do it simultaneously, in their own district.
O.O You win at recruiting. XD And eheh...I AM a beginner. All I can do is help out in my small way. However, I might end up working for my school newspaper at some point...hehe. ;D
I'm also, of course, telling my friends about it. If they think that I'm crazy, well...They are going to be VERY surprised when nearly everyone is a Dollars member. :3 Bwaha.

We are getting SO close to getting a thousand members. It's going to be awesome, especially if we manage to get at least one member from every country in the world. What a day that will be...

And yes, I say "WILL" because it WILL happen. >.< I am determined. We are ALL determined. VIVA LA REVOLUCION! XD
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